Welcome to Prime Pulls

Here at Prime Pulls we offer the following

  • Free Shipping on ALL USA & CANADA Orders
  • All numbered, autographed, and relic cards are penny sleeved, top loaded, and team bagged
  • We wear gloves on all breaks to ensure cards stay as clean as possible
  • Breaking LIVE every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 11pm to 2am (central)
  • ALL cards (except paper base) are shipped!

You can buy spots in our breaks from the store or on Ebay and watch LIVE on Breakers.tv  

Breakers:    Breakers.tv/PrimePulls

We break football, basketball, and baseball cases and boxes! Please be sure to check out the wide variety of breaks we offer including, but not limited to: Pick your team, random team, pick your division, random division, mixers, fillers, random packs, random player, and more!


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